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He is nobody who, better than Henri Jacquemet of Saulniers, did not know to present the peregrinations of his patronym. We give here after his communication published in 1926 with the “historical Dictionary genealogical and heraldic of the former families of Berry”, Petitjean de Maransange (dimension 4°Lm2.491 with the BN) and let us match it few briefs comments.

François Jacquemet, first of the name in Berry, came, according to a constant and very old tradition, province of Dauphiné to be established around Chézal-Benoit, about 1550; at the time when the wars of religion determined so many changes of provinces, remained faithful to the catholic religion, it had been constrained to leave its country, after successes of the calvinists, more especially as several members of his family had embraced the party of the reform and were useful under the orders of the famous marshal of Lesdiguières, big boss of the calvinists. François Jacquemet was youngest of a very many family, which was a branch of Jacquemet whose primitive cradle is Burgundy and who then spread themselves.

  1. Into Franche-Comté where they were known under the name of Jacquemet de Pymont and where they produced several distinguished men who filled of high employment in the magistrature and the army in particular a secretary of Charles the Bold one in 1475; a treasurer of the saltworks, adviser of the emperor in 1555; a canon of the noble chapter of Saint-Paul and several captains with the regiments of Downstream, Listenoy and Champagne.
    The family Jacquemet, known as Droz, is originating in Pontarlier where it formed part of the nobility as of XIIIe century, several of her members having derogated by offices of prosecutors and notaries, we see them, about 1680, authorized to hold strongholds by adding to their name that of: of Pymont, seigniory their pertaining. (This branch of the Jacquemet family is extinct in 1831).
    In spite of its assertion, Droz goes up the genealogy only with. Guillaume Jacquemet, secretary of the Duke of Burgundy in 1454 (De Lurion: Peerage-book of Frank-comté).
  2. In Dauphiné where they were known under various names of seigniories, lastly Jacquemet de Saint-Georges, dissolves, towards the beginning of the XIXe century, in the house of Cordoue, by the marriage of Victoire Jacquemet de Saint-Georges with the marquis de Cordoue, connects which gave several advisers and prosecutors to the Parliament of Grenoble, at last century. and to which Mgr Alexandre Jacquemet was attached, general vicar of Paris under Mgr Affre which it accompanied with the barricades and which accepted later, in reward of its beautiful control, évêché of Nantes.
  3. In Berry, finally, where they became lords of Orcelets, Clairbois, Saulniers, the Roadway, Charbottière, etc, and where they gave many prosecutors, baillifs, aldermen, captains of cities, governors, advisers of Roy, canons, priors, vicars general and a bishop of Luçon (1759).
One finds them allied with most considered the families province.
Direct filiation is established since 1540,

Alliances: of Breuille, Bruère, Merchant, of Pruchon, Robineau, Soumard of Cossons, Lutho, Biottière, Peron, Damours, Meaupeon, Lebas, Lemaistre, Dubois of Coudray, Loynes de Fumichon, Faverie of Ché.

D'azur, à une bande d'or accostée de deux cerfs courants de même.

P. MENESTRIER, New Method of the blazon, Lyon 1750, - LURION Peerage-book of Frank-comté, Besancon, 1890. - parochial Registers of Lignières. – Armorial of the principal families of Berry - RIETSTAPP, - Note communicated by Mr. Henri JACQUEMET OF the SAULNIERS, of Aubigny-on-Nère.


  1. Born from François come only from Dauphiné in XVIe century, the Jacquemet branch in Berry dies out at the XXe century with another François (1916-1938).
  2. Initially general vicar of the archbishop of Bourges, Mgr C.A.F. Jacquemet-Gauthier-in Ancyse, 33ème bishop of Luçon is actually frank-comtois of birth.
  3. The Lyonese, Lorraine, Savoy, Were worth it Swiss, the Valley of Italian Aoste, count also many Jacquemet, probably from the Burgundian primitive hearth; from all that precedes one can deduce that before the great changes of the beginning of XXe century, the patronym does not meet that in the East of a Calais-Marseilles line.

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The heraldic one is the science of the blazon, i.e. the study of the armorial bearings (or weapons).


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